Art - Good Morning

Artist: Tone Thiis Schjetne (1983). 
This popular sculpture, also called Torgkona (The Old Woman at the Market), dates to 1980. First, the city of Stavanger acquired its market woman through a public collection from the city’s inhabitants. After that, the residents of Trondheim found that they also wanted a market woman. The model for the sculpture was a woman who long ago arrived from the north of Norway to serve as a maid in Trondheim. In the years after the war she could be habitually found in the market square or on a bench by the Cathedral. When people said hello to her, she would always respond "Good morning". Many feel that they recognize this woman, because the artist succeeded in giving her quite general features. Schjetne has played an important role in the artistic community in Trondheim. After completing her training, she started working at Nidaros Cathedral Restoration Workshop, where she modelled several saints, fictive animals and chimaeras. She has also made a number of public decorations, including friezes, freestanding sculptures, busts and portraits. Characteristic of her work are motifs with everyday features, often with an added element of humour. She works in a classical tradition, but with a high degree of abstraction, freedom and suppleness in her work.