Art - Hospital Park

Artists: Solrun Rones; Mari Røysamb: Bronsestoler (’Litt nedi jorda’ og ’Spilledåsen’), Viel Bjerkeset Andersen: ’Ufo’; Inge van der Drift 2007. Art consultants: Grethe Fredriksen og Kristin Ytreberg.
The Hospital Park lies to the south of the old main hospital building that dates back to 1902. The park’s design builds on an old garden and park tradition for this location. Solrun Rones’ pond is located near the entrance and is designed for an idyllic environment consisting of an old oak tree and mixed perennials. Inge van der Drift has also utilised natural growth in his part of the public art project: plantings of willows create labyrinths and spaces of dense foliage. Mari Røysamb has deposited two bronze chairs in the green environment. One of the chairs rotates, and all are copies of old and well used chairs originating from the county of Hedmark. Less earthbound shapes are found in Viel Bjerkeset Andersen’s sculpture, a ‘UFO’ that illuminates the darkest corner of the park.