Art - Icarus

Artist: Edith Meisel Aas 1976. 
The legend of Icarus from Greek mythology is the background for this sculpture. 
Icarus, allegedly a prisoner at the court of King Minos on Crete, used wings of feathers and wax to make his escape. Intoxicated by his flight, he became overconfident and flew too close to the sun, so that the wax on his wings melted, causing him to plummet into the sea and drown. The sculpture was given its place when the (now old) police building was first built.
The sculptor was born in the Strinda district of Trondheim. In the 1950s, she made some figures for Nidaros Cathedral Restoration Workshop, including the niche figure St. Cecilia. Although her production was small, it had a strong personal character. Her abstract style was particularly influenced by the Parisian sculptor Ossip Zadkine.