Art - Iladalen

'Gallus ludens'. Artist: Stefan Christiansen 2007. Art consultants: Beret Aksnes & Jeremy Welsh.
The Ilabekken stream has been given a new lease of life, light and air, with areas alternating between playful leaps and a calm atmosphere. The underground course of the stream that was long hidden by buried pipes was unearthed. This bold and original initiative was executed with vigorous and unusual feats of engineering. In addition to the artistic dimension, extensive construction work was carried out. Visual artist Solrun Rones was part of the process when the alterations to the stream were planned and executed. The public art project itself was chosen in a competition with four invited artists. The final choice of project was that proposed by sculptor Stefan Christiansen, consisting of a row of 10 pale granite sculptures, placed along the banks of the stream. Christiansen’s point of departure was chicken bones. In their varied shapes, soft lines and round forms, the sculptures were positioned in the terrain in 2007. The bones have come to life, emphasised by the title ‘Gallus ludens’, ‘birds playing’. All 10 sculptures have points of light attached to them, illuminating their presence in the dark. Electricity to the points of light is fed into the granite by fibre-optic cables, originating from a light generator placed by each sculpture.