Art - In Memory of the Liberation Movement’s Victims

Artist: Kristofer Leirdal. 

The sculpture stands by a common grave for war victims. It is a symbolic presentation in which the war victims are represented by the son on his mother's lap. As to the one who is to continue the family, he also represents hope. Kristofer Leirdal brought artisan traditions with him from his home at Aure in Nordmøre. He started as a stone mason at Nidaros Cathedral in 1941, and later worked there as a sculptor. His Cathedral sculptures typically show his understanding of the style of the Middle Ages, as in St. Michael, Den seirende Kristus (Christ Victorious), Billedhuggeren (The Sculptor) and Kongen (The King). Leirdal's works often have a simplified realistic style in accordance with the classicist tradition. He taught at Kunstskolen (the Art Academy) during the years 1946–52, and later taught modelling at the architectural department at NTH (later the Norwegian University of Science and Technology).