Art - Julius Paltiel Square

Artists: Haugen/Zohar Arkitekts and Nina Wang 2015. Art consultant: Sissel M. Bergh. 
Under the birch trees are Julius Paltiel Square. In the summer filled with green grass and flowers. A walking trail encourage passersby to cross the square and make a stop. Once this was Julius Paltiel neighbourhood, his way out in life, before it abruptly and brutally almost ended. Julius Paltiel was among the few who came back and could tell about the Nazi extermination of Jews. He was a time witness who actively talked about what had happened, to prevent such a thing to happen again. The square is a place for reflection and contemplation about Julius and other humans exposed to similar injustices, for the individual alone or in community with others. This is a room for everyone. The project is a collaboration between a group of initiators and the Municipality of Trondheim.