Art - King Olav V

Artist: Harald Wårvik 1997.
This statue of King Olav V (1903–1991) was a gift from the emigrant and financer from Trondheim, Sigurd Edmond Røkke-Johnsen, in connection with the city millennium celebrations. King Olav had close ties to Trondheim. His father was crowned in Nidaros Cathedral in 1906, and he was consecrated as the King there in 1958. He also participated during the Olav anniversary in 1930. The sculpture shows the King coming to meet us with greetings, as the King of all Norwegians. Wårvik is both a sculptor and a sketch artist, and today teaches at the University of Trondheim. He is known for his many characteristic works in marble, inspired by several study tours in Italy, but he has also made bronze portraits. His sculptures often have narrative and symbolic content. Wårvik is also a skilled medal engraver, and has made medals for the Olympic Games at Lillehammer in 1994, and memorial medallions for the Royal Society of Sciences and Letters from 1981 to 1997.