Art - Leiv Eriksson

Artist: August Werner 1997.
In connection with the World Exhibition in Seattle in 1962, Norwegian-Americans erected a monument to Leiv Eirikson, a five metre high statue made by the Norwegian-American multi-artist August Hansen Werner. A smaller version of this was donated to Trondheim in connection with the city millennium in 1997. Leiv Eiriksson is here used as a symbol of the first emigrant to America. The sculpture is therefore also called Utvandrermonumentet (the Emigrants’ Monument). The contributors or their ancestors have their names engraved on plaques beside the sculpture. A copy of the statue can also be found at Brattalid on Greenland, and one will also be erected at L'Anse aux Meadows in Canada.
Werner, who emigrated from Bergen in 1917, made a career in the USA as a professor of music, an opera singer, a dramatist and a photographer. He was also very productive as a painter and sculptor.