Art - Male Wolf

'Male Wolf'. Artist: Dyre Vaa 1970.

This sculpture is cast in bronze in accordance with a plaster model from 1931, which was donated to the permanent premises of Trondhjems kunstforening (Trondheim Art Association) by Helge Thiis, the Cathedral architect. A contemporary bronze version of the male wolf was placed in front of Ilatrappen (the Ila stairs) in Oslo with a wolf mother. With these animal sculptures, Vaa stepped away from neoclassicism and towards a kind of stylization that lifted the wolves out of naturalism and onto a symbolic plane. Dyre Vaa created a number of sculptural decorations across Norway. He was connected to the Nidaros Cathedral Restoration Workshop for two periods between the wars. He is probably best known for his animal sculptures, which are often very expressively designed and feature decorative, almost ornamental, details.