Art - Memorial to Jørgen Bjelke

Artist: Arkitekt Wilhelm Swensen / Oscar Lynum 1958. 
Artists: Architects Wilhelm Swensen & Oscar Lynum (1958). Jørgen Bjelke (1621–96) was an officer and the supreme commander of the regions of Norway north of Dovrefjell when the Norwegian forces succeeded in recapturing what was then the county of Trondheim from Sweden in 1658. The monument was unveiled on the anniversary of the Norwegian troops marching into Trondheim on the 11th of December, 1658. Architect Wilhelm Swensen drew the memorial according to a model of a stone pyramid that Jørgen Bjelke's brother, Ove Bjelke, had erected at Austrått Manor in 1658. The portrait medallion in bronze is made by Oscar Lynum. He was one of the most important woodcarvers in the old artisan tradition. Born in Nord–Trøndelag, he came to Trondheim at the age of 17 to serve as an apprentice to Daniel Hagerup. He later established his own woodcarving shop in the town, where he carried out assignments to decorate Norwegian churches. He was also involved in the restoration work at Nidaros Cathedral for a period of time and in charge of much of the restoration work at Austrått Manor at Ørlandet (west of Trondheim).