Art - Monument to Hans Nissen and his wife Maren

Artists: Architects Ingvald Alstad & Jens Munthe Svendsen 1907. 
The merchant Hans Nissen (1727–1807) and his wife Maren Boysen Nissen (1724–1787) established a number of endowments, including one for a workhouse. The monument was erected on the centennial of the death of Hans Nissen. The portrait medallion was created by the sculptor Jens Munthe Svendsen.
As a young man, Svendsen went to the US in search of adventure. He lived there for nine years and received his initial training as an artist there. The more common direction for Norwegian artists to travel at the time was to the old countries of culture in Europe. After his stay in the USA, he continued his studies in Oslo, where the sculptor Brynjulf Bergslien was his teacher, and later in Florence and Paris. He lived for some time in Trondheim, where he taught drawing and modelling. Svendsen only made a relatively small number of larger works. He did, however, make many portrait busts and medallions.