Art - Mosaic

Artist: Roar Wold (1970). 

Wold's mosaic on the external wall of the insurance company building in the city's market square, created in 1969, is made from various types of Norwegian shale with elements of Italian and Chinese marble. At the time, it was the largest external stone mosaic in Norway. Wold's earliest abstract paintings provide associations with geology, featuring titles such as Skifer (Shale) and Terra. In the mosaic, individual elements are broken into smaller facets, where vertical white fields are contrasted against a grey background. Careful use of yellow and green creates visual tension against the white. Wold was one of Trondheim's foremost exponents of abstract painting with a focus on formal issues. From 1961 he was a member of Gruppe 5, which consisted of artists with ties to the Department of Form and Colour Studies at NTH (the forerunner of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology). He also taught at the Academy of Fine Art in Trondheim for many years.