Art - Olav Kyrres gate

‘Lys i stein’. Artist: Kåre Groven 2001. Art consultants: Kristin Ytreberg & Grethe Fredriksen.
Sculptor Kåre Groven won a competition in 2000 and was commissioned to create art for one of the main public art projects at the newly built university hospital in Trondheim – the artist’s home town. The project consisted of providing art for the central reserve on the broad street, Olav Kyrres gate. In Groven’s proposal large boulders were to be placed at regular intervals on the central reserve. Holes, ducts, openings, and slits for fibre-optic wires, as well as openings for lights were created in the five boulders, extracted from reddish rocks, weighing between 7 to 17 tonnes. The largest of the rocks was placed to the west in the street, while the others were placed according to a pre-determined order. Electricity was connected to the construction, and points, strips and areas of light became visible in the large rocks. Since then, ‘Lys i stein’ (‘Light in stone’) has directed people to the new hospital. In the same area, in the courtyard of the Medical Technology Research Centre (Medisinsk teknisk forskningssenter), Groven has provided another work of art – a high group of figures made from steel.