Art - Peter Egge's Square

Bård Breivik, 1995
Peter Egge (1869-1959) was a Norwegian author. The decoration in the square bearing his name was created through a collaboration between the sculptor, Norges Bank (Central Bank of Norway) and Trondheim Municipal Authority. The decoration is made from Swedish and Norwegian granite in black, red and grey, as well as slates. At the entrance from either end of Schjoldagerveita (Schjoldager alley), we see stone sculptures, Nonnen (the Nun) and Munken (the Monk) respectively. In the square, we find Nålen (the Needle) and the water sculpture No 1, as well as large stone blocks to sit on. Where Krambugata crosses Dronningens gate, we find the sculptures Vrid trekant (Twisted Triangle) and Sørge plate (Grieving Plate). The fence around the square is in roughly cut blocks of light granite from Støren (south of Trondheim). Importance was attached to designing the square as a place to be used and a place to meet. In the 1970s, the sculptor Bård Breivik was interested in "conceptual art", where the artistic idea is more important than the final product. He tested various materials and processes. His later works may be characterized as object art, where the widely different materials used are reshaped into objects that may resemble utility objects. In recent years, he has worked comprehensively on designing landscape and urban spaces