Art - Rosenborg Park

Ballet Mcanique, Blåklokkelykter. Botanique. Artist: Merete Morgenstierne 2005. Art consultants: Per Formo & Dag-Arve Forbergskog.
Flowers, benches, ponds and fountains are traditional park elements, and artist Merete Morgenstierne formed and united these in her characteristic manner when creating her work of art for Rosenborg Park, her contribution to the public art project. An open, extended park area has been established, beyond the densely blocks of flats in an area that previously housed the natural sciences at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). This artist wished to retain some of the academic history of the area, where biology, botany and zoology were the predominant disciplines for a number of years. Organic form is the recurring theme of the public art project here, expressed in enduring and solid materials. The end of the park has been clearly demarcated with a wrought iron gate as the border. With their curved lines, stems and flowers, the artistic richness of the gates signals from outside the park what lies on the other side of them. Entering the area, one can find two plant sculptures made from iron and shaped like a snail, as well as wrought iron shapes with references to ants, butterflies and humming birds. Further along the walk, lamp posts with fixtures shaped like large bluebells are displayed, leading the way to the central element, the fountain Ballet Mcanique, which consists of five figures, among them a running dog, a cello and a graceful ballet dancer pirouetting in the middle of the shallow pool. Some of the inspiration for the figures derives from art history: Giacomo Ballas Dog on a Leash (1912) and Oskar Schlemmer's The Triadic Ballet (1926).