Art - Sjetnemarka Park

‘Piksel, kunstig-naturlig’. Artist: Anette Lund 2006. Art consultant: Urd Schjetne.
The park in Sjetnemarka, a suburban district has been designed by landscape architect Birgit Høyland from Rambøll, and is meant to be used by people of all ages in Sjetnemarka. The art is intended to serve as a link between nature and buildings. In Anette Lund’s work of art ‘Piksel, kunstig-naturlig’ (‘Pixel, artificial-natural’), digital pixel techniques have been enlarged into huge vertical surfaces and cubes, and placed in three locations in the park. One figure to the west is formed as a portal above the path where the opening has the shape of a group of trees. Visible from the portal, the adjacent lawn has pillars holding cube-shaped apples. On the round gravel area in the middle of the park, large plates with similar ‘negative trees’ have been erected, whilst the last work of art in the park is located to the street basketball court. The basketball goal has been attached to a plate, outlining the pixelated crown of a tree. The material consists mostly of stainless steel. Steel cubes with red sides are scattered around the park, alluding to the park’s past as an apple orchard.