Art - Stair Sculpture

Stair Sculpture. Artist: Ramon Isern 1975. 
This sculpturally designed staircase can be seen by people outside the building and is interesting both as an architectural element and as a sculpture.
It was made for the stairwell at the entrance to the new building for Universitetsbiblioteket (the University Library) in 1975. The staircase stretches over three floors, as well as down to a lower basement floor. The railing has been furnished with double aluminium plates with a polished surface, where circular holes have been punched out. The holes create light effects and form different patterns according to where one is on the stairs, giving the staircase a dynamic and airy character.
Spanish-born artist Ramon Isern taught for many years at the Faculty of Architecture at NTH, now called the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, and was particularly interested in the relationship between architecture and sculpture. His other artistic activities varied widely. He was a member of Gruppe 5, an association of artists with ties to the university.