Art - Sun Project

Artist: Gunnar H. Gundersen (2000).
Below the Natural Science Building at NTNU there is an 11 metre high granite column with a glass ball on the top. The weather changes in the sky are reflected in the ball, and the city of Trondheim appears to be standing on its head inside the ball. The glass ball, which is filled with 500 litres of technical ethanol, also functions as a giant lens. When the sun hits the ball, a focal point is formed by the refracted rays on a plate of tin behind it. As tin has a low melting point, a pattern will eventually be etched into the plate. Eleven such tin plates are mounted on a wall inside the Natural Science Building. One after the other they will be mounted on the column and all will be etched by the sunlight and reveal the impact of the outdoor climate. Gundersen's sculptures are not static, even if they appear to be so at first glance. They work slowly, aided by the forces of nature, and show us that some things perceived as immobile actually move and are slowly changing.