Art - The Edda Park, Elgeseter

'Zig Zag'. Artist: Rintala Eggertsson Architects 2009/2010. Art consultants: Grethe Fredriksen & Astrid Findreng.
The triangular area nestled between the streets of Elgeseter gate and Håkon Jarls gate was cultivated as a park in 2009. The Municipality of Trondheim saw the park in conjunction with the outdoor area of Øya Community Centre. The work of art displayed in the park is created by Finnish artist/architect Sami Juhani Rintala and his colleague Dagur Eggertsson. It is entitled ‘Zig Zag’ and combine to form a whole with the steel railings ‘Edge’ by the entrance to Øya Community Centre. In the public art project displayed in the park, steel is the key material. In ‘Zig Zag’, the metal has been used as a wall forming a zigzag pattern through the park. The wall starts at a height of just 30 cm with the pointed northern portion near the Student Union building and gradually increases to 2 m near Olav Kyrres gate. The wall is lit and some seats are included. The different angles and the constantly changing direction of the steel wall divide the park into small and large spaces on each side of the partition. These can be utilised for park purposes in a number of ways, including planting perennials and adapting them to the sunny and shady environments that are created.