Art - The Man from the Outer Skerries

Artist: Sivert Donali (1983).
When we approach the city district of Ila from downtown, we see this looming bronze sculpture portraying Sverre Sigurdsson (1150–1202), King of Norway from 1177 until his death. The idea of a monument to King Sverre had long been discussed in Trondheim, but the project did not see the light of day until the merchant Leif Inderberg provided the funding for it. Sivert Donali won a competition to make it in 1969 with his design Mannen fra utskjæret (The Man from the Outer Skerries). The statue was not unveiled until after the total restoration of Ila Park in 1983. From 1957, Donali, who is from Oppdal, worked at the Nidaros Cathedral Restoration Workshop, where he made four of the statues on the West Front of the cathedral, in addition to a number of smaller works.