Art - The Old Tram Shed, Lademoen

Artists: May Irene Aasen & Guttorm Nordø 2006/2007. Art consultant: Jan Eirik Evjen.
Initially, the couple May Irene Aasen and Guttorm Nordø, who work together as artists, were commissioned to colour the walls during renovation of the former tram shed building which was transformed into a culture centre for young people. Among other things, the centre has 16 band rehearsal rooms on the first floor. After a while, the art project was extended considerably. In the 140 m2 loft, the artists jointly mounted 17 photo-based portraits of famous people from recent music, art and entertainment history. Quotes and to-the-point formulations made by these celebrities have been added to the portraits. Each of the 16 soundproof rehearsal rooms, measuring approximately 20 m2, has been provided with one picture, whilst the remaining picture has been placed in the common room. The pictures were printed in three layers onto a thin aluminium plate and mounted on the wall. May Irene Aasen and Guttorm Nordø have chosen a changing palette of red, yellow, blue, black, and white, indicating the four cardinal points and representing the peoples of the world. This building is for everyone, but most of all for young people with an interest in music.