Art - The Student in the Old City

Artist: Nils Aas 1996. 

This sculpture stands on a plinth, which is designed to look like a pile of books. The sculpture reflects a classical tradition in its choice of the man-woman motif. It caused some discussion when it was first put in place, not least among feminists. The sculpture is based on the classical basic forms of the column and the circle. As a sculptor, Nils Aas moves between figurative and abstract forms. He also experiments with various materials, although wood is his favourite. His monumental sculptures and portrait busts are found across Norway, and he designed the Norwegian 10 and 20 kroner coins. Nils Aas had his great breakthrough in 1972 with his monument to King Haakon VII, which stands in 7th of June Square in Oslo. Trondheim Art Museum displays his bust of the Norwegian author Johan Falkberget, which was his debut work at the Autumn Exhibition in 1964.