Art - Tillerbyen

'Dandelion'. Artists: Niklas Mulari, Are Blytt & Mikael Nilsson 2007.Project Manager NTNU: Claes Söderquist.
The project ‘gototiller’ was initiated in 2004 as collaboration between the Municipality of Trondheim, local business and the Faculty of Architecture and Fine Art at NTNU, with Claes Söderquist as project manager for a group of students that submitted several proposals. The public art project that was eventually carried out was called ‘Dandelions’, and the sculpture was erected on the roundabout on the road Senterveien to the south of the shopping centre City Syd. The sculpture consists of a 9 m high ‘bunch’ of dandelions – perhaps a comment to all of the buildings that have cropped up in this modern area of growth, more or less without argument.