Art - Tordenskiold Park

Sculpture of Arve Tellefsen. Artist: Per Ung. Donated by Trond Lykke 2009.
Guidelines have been drawn up by the Municipality of Trondheim for how to deal with the reception and placing of sculptures and other forms of private art donations. Examples of such gifts are ‘Studenten’ (‘The Student’) in Nordre gate, ‘Den siste viking’ (‘The last of the Vikings’) in Ravnkloa, both executed by Nils Aas, as well as a sculpture depicting speed skater and Olympic Champion Hjalmar Andersen, situated in front of the former Telegraphy office building in Kongens gate. The skater sculpture was created by Per Ung and donated to the city by Trond Lykke, a businessman. The same donator and artist are responsible for the sculpture that depicts the violinist Arve Tellefsen, which was erected in May 2009 in the park between the Freemason’s Hall (Frimurerlogen) and the Church of Our Lady (Vår Frue kirke). The style of the sculpture is naturalistic and shows the musician, who is beloved by many people, in his characteristic pose.