Art - Trondhjem

Artist: Bjørn Nørgaard (1988). 
This five metre high pyramid sculpture was made by the Danish multi-artist Bjørn Nørgaard.
With its alien and composite character it departs from the more tradition-bound sculptures in Trondheim. It is obvious that inspiration has been taken from the stone collection of the Archbishop's Palace and from Asian and South American folk art.
The sculpture is divided into two main sections, symbolizing respectively the earth and the sky. The lower section, the postament (base) and the dwarves, represent the earthly. The sky is symbolized by the obelisk, which is cut in a spiral pattern and crowned by a sun and moon symbol. As such, the sculpture may be seen as a reflection on Trondheim and our own times, seen from an historical and global perspective. The dwarves were cut in a stone mason workshop in Copenhagen, Denmark. The sun and moon figure was cast in the Netherlands and later coated with leaf gold.