Art - Unity

Artist: Kjersti Wexelsen Goksøyr 1997.
This sculpture was completed for the opening of the new buildings at the Archbishop's Palace in 1997. It consists of three stone slabs placed in the narrow passageway between the east and south wings. The tall slab of rock with its stylized form symbolizes two persons melted together into an expression of love and unity. The symbolic content may be further interpreted as the thought that everything in the world is a whole. The two other stone slabs have simpler shapes, but elaborate on the symbolic content with ancient symbols such as the square, circle and spiral. While the square represents the physical, the circle symbolizes the spiritual or divine resting as a source in the physical. The spiral pattern is an old life-giving symbol. The footprints on the ground tie the present to the past and the future. Goksøyr prefers working in stone, with shapes that are soft and organic, but with tight lines.