Art - Young Mother with Child

Artist: Wilhelm Rasmussen 1918.

Ila Park was established in 1891. In 1918, Jakob Digre, a factory owner, donated the funds for this sculpture, which now stands in an elegantly designed circular fountain in the middle of the park. Before 1983, the fountain was located in the east end of the park. Jacob Digre had strong ties to this section of the town through his company, Digre's Steam Saw and Planing Mill. The group in the fountain represents a woman with a child being sprayed with water by three seals. It is said that Rasmussen's wife served as the model for the woman. The fountain group is in a neutral classicist style, which Rasmussen developed and taught to the next generation of Norwegian sculptors. He worked in Trondheim from 1907 and received strong impulses from Gustav Vigeland, on whose recommendation he took over leadership of the sculpting work at Nidaros Cathedral. He left important traces in Trondheim, and as a teacher at the Academy of Fine Arts in Oslo (1921–1945) he greatly influenced the sculpting community in Norway