Market Square

The statue of the city's founder, the viking Olav Tryggvason, towers above the town square. Raised in 1921, this work by the sculptor Wilhelm Rasmussen is actually a large sundial, the column casting its shadow on a cobblestone clock face. 
Trondheim has had a town square and marketplace since the early 12th century. Today, the marketplace is situated in the heart of downtown Trondheim (at the Munkegata Kongens gate intersection), where it has been since town planner Johan Caspar de Cicignon moved it there after the great fire in 1681.
Today's marketplace is situated in the south end of the square, with fruit and vegetable sellers on the south-east side, and stalls selling flowers, jewelry and souvenirs on the south-west side

Photo: Carl-Erik Eriksson

All photo: Carl-Erik Eriksson