Burma Cliff - Burmaklippen

The Burma Cliff (Burmaklippen) is an overhanging cliff in Estenstadmarka in Trondheim (photo: Karine Lee Blomstrøm). When you approach the cliff, you don't get the feeling of where the overhang starts. This is best observed from the northern side, where there's also a nice photographer's spot. The cliff tilts a few degrees downwards to the front, and is no good place for a person with the fear of heights.

From Burmaklippen you get a good view to the university campus at Dragvoll. The place has been given name after the country Burma (Myanmar), but for no obvious reason other than Burma being center of attention to it's godfather.
The trail up to the cliff is approx. one kilometer walk from the parking space at Bekken. There are no steep areas until you reach the actual spot.