Driftsveien (The Maintenance Road) is the name of the forest road that goes between Elsterparken and Tømmerdalstorget. From the road you can choose among trails to Våttåkammen (via Strandlinja), Trolla, Dreier's Memorial and Geitfjellet. It is also a nice roundtrip if you start at Elsterparken (or Theisendammen) and continue this route: Driftsveien - Tømmerdalstorget - Kobberdammen - Lavollen - Baklidammen - Theisendammen and Ilabekken. In summer time the road is suitable also for bicycles, wagons and strollers. No motor transport allowed on the road.
If you are looking for an alternative hiking route, Gammelstien (the old trail) is recommended (follow sign poles). By choosing this trail you pass Schølberg's Cabin by only a few hundred meters. See description of the cabin below: