Ilabekken is a small river that meets the ocean at Ilsvikøra. There is a trail following the river, popular among local people as well as tourists. The part where the wooden stairs are built along and over a small water fall is especially idyllic. The trail continues on towards Steinberget or Fagerlia. Every once in a while you may have wild life experiences in this area. In the water you may see the white-throated dipper or the otter dive for food (see film below). Fox and roe deer are also frequently seen close to the upper parts of the river (near Theisendammen and Fagerlia).
Frozen waterfall is among the seasonal variations to expect along Ilabekken. This picture is taken in January.
Along the lower parts of Ilabekken you can enjoy art pieces made by Stefan Christiansen. Read more about the art in the following article: