Storfossen is one of Trøndelag's largest water falls, with a total drop of 90 meters including it's nearby downstream water falls Mettifossen and Dølanfossen. Access by trail from the small parking space at Selbuvegen (rv963 from Hommelvik). You may also walk the 5,5 kilometres along the Homla Trail (Homlastien) from Hommelvik Stadium up to Storfossen, but parts of the trail are narrow and steep along the river's hill side. In case you take the trail upwards, it's recommended to take another route down, either by the road (Selbuvegen) or the east route over Dølan bridge following the trail and forest road past Nygårdsvollen.
Storfossen and Mettifossen (photo above). Dølanfossen on the photo below. The pictures show different flows in the water falls.