Vassfjellet is a central outdoor area located in Klæbu, Melhus and Trondheim municipality. The area is the only truly high mountain terrain (710 m.) In the central part of the region, and is suitable for outdoor activities throughout the year. The view from the flat top is excellent.
Vassfjellet has a varied and fine nature, a varied plant life and a rich bird life. The area is used for skiing and hiking, mushrooming, berry picking, tour orientation, skiing, forestry, sheep grazing, small game and big game hunting and some sport fishing.
Skjøla on the north side is a central starting point (at county road 704 between Sandmoen and Klæbu) where there is parking space for 200 cars.
The next opportunity is Tanem. From Tanemsflata you can follow a forest path up and south all year round. The closest parking for this option on weekends is Vassfjelltorget.
Vassfjellet Winter Park is a third possibility. In the summer it is okay to get up from here up towards the summit along the lift path, and in winter time, people with skis can take the elevator up as well. At the ski resort there is parking for 500 cars and dining in winter.
In winter, ski trails are run along the east and south sides of the mountain between Skjøla and Rønningsbakken. The trail is led down to the Vassfjellet ski lifts and to Langmyra, where there is an 11 km long circular trail. This provides opportunities for long skiing along groomed trails, but otherwise there are countless opportunities in the Vassfjell area for those who want to roam on their own, off the beaten track and in groomed trails.